Elke was designed to feel like an online magazine without actually possessing a standard ‘magazine’ format. Instead we created a layout that felt right, manageable and was easy to move through in an attempt to keep things both simple and reader friendly. Content will be released periodically (Monday through to Friday) and will fall into issue numbers that crossover on a bimonthly basis.

Elke Magazine was created for Mums, and all else whose lives (pretty much) revolve around little people. It just so happens that these ‘little people’ make up the entire Elke theme, so don’t be alarmed to find what a big part they play in this ever growing project.

Since the creators of Elke are Mums themselves, they understand that Motherhood and monotony can often go hand in hand. It was for that exact reason that Elke was born. It started as a promise, to not be boring. To not be “that Mum”. The lifeless one who no longer brings fun to the front face but instead hides behind it, taking the back seat and missing out on the best parts about being a parent. We don’t want to be that person. We want life, soul, creativity & all the good stuff brought into our parenting practice, and we want to share it around.

Elke was established as a way to share, showcase, support & promote emerging and established designers, artists, creatives & hard working people with a vested interest in children. We want to encourage that vibrance. We want to feed off it and share it with the rest of you, in an attempt to reignite the fire & creative flare that so often gets flattened under a pile of dirty dishes.

Our great intention and master plan for Elke is to be an incredible source of inspiration for all of our viewers.  We want to give you damn good reason to shine, which is the sole and most simple reason for this creation.

about -sophie
Sophie Gidoomal
Editor/Fashion Stylist
about jenna
Jenna Agius
Photographer/Creative Director