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What inspired you to start making mini 5 panel hats?


Looking for gifts for my nephews was the hardest thing. I wanted to find cool contemporary things that they could keep and love, that were also good for the environment and a little educational. Cute caps seemed like the best starting place for us to test out some of our prints!




Where do you draw your design inspiration?


I’m inspired by a lot of things, but the biggest is the natural world. There are just so many hidden gems in our everyday lives. If I could take a photo of every detail of every day, I would.  Sometimes I look back through photos i’ve taken and think to myself ‘what on earth was I thinking? I just took 80 photos of that stick!” But it’s worth it for the good ones. All of our digital prints come from photos i’ve taken myself.




Show us some of the best ways you’ve seen them styled?


Have a look at the pic below. We love how Eboni from Blau4Blau blog styled it on her beautiful daughter. Prints mixed with that sportswear vibe. Oh and not to mention the polka dots! She has such a great eye.




What’s currently in the pipeline?


Our first batch of apparel and accessories will be available in stores (See preview photos!) And we’re currently working on our next batch of prints. All inspired by our drive through California back in March. You can bet there are more like 8000 photos I was scrolling through to get to the best!




Can we have a little peek at your workspace, please?




Absolutely. See photo – this is where all the prototyping happens, from our studio in Brooklyn.


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AGATHA CUB | Coming soon to Elke Shop

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