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Rebecca Kiff is an artist and designer who has made a name for herself by creating personally designed homewares for both adults and children.  Lucky for us, we  were able to pin her down and hear her thoughts on the nature of art, pursuing your passion and creating work that is meaningful.




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What is it about art that makes you not only love it but also feel compelled to create it?


I’m not sure really, as long as I can remember I have always drawn and painted. I love how art can bring people together, create discussions, and just generally look good in people’s homes!


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What got you into art to begin with and can you pinpoint what exactly it is that’s made you pursue it in the way that you have?


My dad first taught me to paint with watercolour when I was six. I think that as well as being creative, I have a passion for business and working for myself, which has driven me to try and build a viable business doing what I love.


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Do you think you have found a pretty definite career path now, as an artist? Is it what you feel most comfortable doing?


Definitely, I would love to be able to do this forever!


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Do you tend to create what comes to you and feels right at the time or do you find that external influences play a big part in what you decide to create?


Generally, I will sit down and draw and if it feels right then I will stick with it. I don’t tend to look at what’s on trend right now, I just do what feels natural and what I think would appeal to people’s sense of fun!


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What made you decide to make things for children?


It is just so much fun! Creating designs for children really opened my mind and let me go for it! There are no boundaries when designing for kids, as they are playful and imaginative, so the possibilities are endless with them.


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How did you go from being “just another Etsy store” to becoming recognised, established and sought after?


I think I had it in my mind to really try and go for it and get myself out there. The best way to do it for me was with social media, especially Instagram. It is just such a visual form of social media, so it’s perfect for sharing current and new designs with people and making great connections!


A few months ago, Etsy picked me to take part in a Pop Up at West Elm London, which was a great event and gave all of us involved some good exposure.


I think most of all, you need a style that stands out and is recognizable to people as your own. Something that becomes iconic to you.


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PHOTOGRAPHY | Dan Raynham & Rebecca Kiff

INTERVIEW | Sophie Gidoomal

WEBSITE | Rebecca Kiff

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