What a conundrum.  I can’t even tell you the stress I went through trying to name my most recent child.  Even after the 9 months were up, I still couldn’t come up with a definite answer.  I then named him, unnamed him, renamed him..Basically, I was just far too indecisive for the baby naming game and the only reason I happened to settle on the name that I did was because my time was well and truly up.  The paperwork was due and I had no other choice, I had to name my child.  If it was up to me, I’d probably still be going.  In bed of an evening Googling “best ever baby names”, constantly prowling and always on the hunt for the perfect name that I’m now almost certain, does not exist.

In saying that, there are definitely some great names so I’ve managed to cull my enormous list, breaking it down to the ones that really did it for me.  Hopefully this’ll narrow things down if you find yourself sinking in the same ship I was..happy days!

BOY : Ollie, Banjo, Milo, Gabe, Noah, Tallow, Aston

GIRL : Stevie, Arki, Poppy, Marlowe, Indiana, Gracie, Joni

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