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Check out this sweeet mobile DIY. We snapped it off the Frankie Mag website, it’s a Frankie exclusive DIY but we couldn’t resist reposting it cause it’s awesome. Here’s a photographic run through of the tutorial but you’re going to have to jump over to the Frankie site for the full deets on how to stitch it up!


biscuit-mobile-1 biscuit-mobile-2 biscuit-mobile-3 biscuit-mobile-4 biscuit-mobile-5 biscuit-mobile-6 biscuit-mobile-7 biscuit-mobile-8 biscuit-mobile-9 biscuit-mobile-10 biscuit-mobile-11 biscuit-mobile-12 biscuit-mobile-13 biscuit-mobile-14 biscuit-mobile-15 biscuit-mobile-16 biscuit-mobile-17 biscuit-mobile-18


WEBSITE | Frankie Mag

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