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Photo Jul 23, 12 46 52 AM (HDR)

Well isn’t this cactus cushion a little too wonderful! We’ve got good news…the full DIY tutorial was featured on Everything Emily blog. The steps are simple, you don’t need to be a pro sewer and it’s totally inexpensive. Why not give it a crack? It’d make a pretty nifty addition to a nursery or kids area. Here’s what you’ll need to begin…


sewing machine

1/2 yd. Fabric (washed, I always wash my fabric prior to using it)

1 yd. Yarn

thread (same color as fabric or close in color)

needle (large enough to thread yarn thru)


stuffing (you can find it at any craft store and even Walmart)

cardboard or something to create you pattern with





Below are the steps, which you can follow by imitating the visuals…


Photo Jul 19, 3 50 50 AM Photo Jul 19, 4 01 35 AM Photo Jul 19, 4 01 40 AM Photo Jul 19, 4 12 26 AM Photo Jul 19, 4 13 25 AM Photo Jul 19, 4 24 25 AM Photo Jul 19, 4 26 42 AM Photo Jul 19, 4 28 20 AM IMG_5025 IMG_5028 Photo Jul 23, 12 50 51 AM


TA-DA! For a more detailed description of how to complete these tasks, jump over to Everything Emily blog here and you can read her rundown.


Photo Jul 23, 12 50 18 AM (HDR)





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