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Thinking about Halloween prep yet? We are! Funk it up with these fun, donut designed pumpkins and make it one to remember. So smitten with this craft job by Studio DIY, we’re gonna recreate it. Here’s how…




Supply List

Pumpkins (Is there a name for these kind that look donut shaped? Iā€™m sure there is!)

Acrylic Paint (One color for the donut, one for the frosting and a bunch for the sprinkles)
Paint Brushes

To Make

First paint the bottom half/two-thirds of your pumpkins with your donut color. Let dry. Then flip it over and paint a small circle around the stem (and the stem itself, if desired) and let dry. Then paint the unpainted parts with your frosting color. (And let dry!) Then go to town with a tiny paint brush and paint sprinkles EVERYWHERE! Done!


DIY-Donut-Pumpkins2-600x900 DIY-Donut-Pumpkins3-600x900


Damn cute right?


STUDIO DIY | Website

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