DIY | Washi Tape Cactus Wall Art

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Ah, we absolutely adore this idea! Created by who other than Studio DIY, what a fun way to spice up a kids space!



You can grab the full “how to” guide over on Studio DIY here but we’re going to take you on a visual tour so you get the gist of putting this pretty together…


DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-Wall-Art1-600x900 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-600x900 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-Wall-Art8-297x445 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-Wall-Art9-297x445 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus1 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-Wall-Art5-297x445 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-Wall-Art6-297x445 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-Wall-Art4-600x900 DIY-Washi-Tape-Cactus-Wall-Art3-600x900




DIY | Studio DIY

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