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For those of you unfamiliar with our blog and instagram, i’m not particularly big on colours when dressing my kids. I’m not scared of them or anything. I just think that monochrome is the old, new and future black.

Now let’s forget about all of this and let me express my love for Agatha Cub. Nothing monochrome there, but a lot of beautiful prints. The bodega print is my favourite by far, but Romeo’s checkered shirt? Can’t go wrong with this one! The entire collection is just so fabulous. I understand that harems/baggies/drop crotch pants – whatever you want to call them – are a pretty polarising item, but I wouldn’t know what to do without them these days and Agatha CUb’s have just the right cut and fit for my trio.

And finally, while the prints are bold, they’re not all in your face which makes mixing them with other brands so much easier. So yes, thank you Agatha Cub for making these fabulous organic garments in an impecable quality!


AGATHA CUB | Shop here

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