FASHION | Children of the Tribe ‘Adrift’ Summer Campaign

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Well they’ve done it again, one of the most stunning summer shoots i’ve seen in a long while. The Children of the Tribe Spring/Summer collection looks incredible but my goodness, these photographs! Wow, that is all, wow! David Hauserman shot them, accompanied by stylist Lex Weinsten and with the carefree chlothing of Children of the Tribe, this trio makes one hell of an impression. Now let me excuse you while you get all fixated on this dreamy castaway scene…

COTT.S14.1 COTT.S14.2 COTT.S14.3 COTT.S14.4 COTT.S14.5 COTT.S14.6 COTT.S14.7 COTT.S14.8 COTT.S14.9 COTT.S14.10 COTT.S14.11 COTT.S14.12 COTT.S14.13 COTT.S14.14 COTT.S14.15 COTT.S14.16 COTT.S14.17 COTT.S14.18 COTT.S14.19 COTT.S14.20 COTT.S14.21





PHOTOGRAPHY | David Hauserman

STYLING | Lex Weinstein

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