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On a huge property, at the back of Byron Bay, surrounded by lush greenery, lots of cows, and a pen full of pigs, lies “Wizard Mountain”. It’s not really called Wizard Mountain but the name is a reflection of Kit Scholley‘s incredible ability to create something out of nothing and make it look or sound, exciting. When I asked Kit why she named their home Wizard mountain, she told me, “because Odie (Kit’s husband) is my wizard”, after asking what she meant by that she smiled and said “he’s my wizard and Artie Cosmo (Kit’s son) is my little wiz”.

After rekindling a high school love, Odie and Kit set up house on Kit’s parent’s acreage; by turning an old shed into the most visually amazing home I’ve ever seen.  They now call it their own and live there as a family, Kit, Odie and Artie Cosmo. Kit is a freelance stylist and juggles that with mummy life, along with co-owning an interior styling business (Alida + Miller) with her mum as well as her own business, Alida Buffalo of which she sells sourced, vintage finds.

Kit took us through her home, introduced us to her husband and her son and chatted to us all about styling, living, loving and the way she sees the world.




“Some people play tennis and stuff for hobbies but we just do this…our house”




“Odie’s a carpenter so he can basically just whip anything up whenever we want. Most of what we own is either second hand or re-done. Except for these chairs, they’re Matt Blatt and my absolute favourites..”




“I wanted Artie’s room to be different. I wanted it to be a nice, clean, soft space for him to sleep and play in. I originally thought I was going to go with a Scandinavian vibe for the bedroom but then I just kept adding and it didn’t really turn out that way.”




“Sea foam green is my favourite colour so I got some eco paints and had fun painting different things in his room, all in that colour”




“My favourite clothing brands for Artie. Hmm… Maybe Munster, but teamed up with some op shop finds. Or Big W, I get heaps from there and then tie dye it all.  I’m also partial to some Seed, or even Tree of Life, I love their kids kaftans….”




“I guess my passion for styling started because of my parents. My mum is an interior designer and my dad is a fashion designer so i’d say it came from there”




“I started Alida Buffalo (vintage online store) in 2008. I used to go on yearly trips to the states to source everything. I once showed up to the airport counter with like 7 suitcases and it only cost me 150 bucks! I haven’t been on one of those trips for 3 years though because we had to organise this house which took forever and then we had Artie.”




“Black Sabbath is playing every day. Like, you know how you get the headphones and put them on your tummy when you’re pregnant? Yeah, that’s what i’d always play..”




“My favourite mags would probably be like your standard interiors ones, Real Living etc. But the ones I really love are SRC783 which you can only buy online and Catalogue. They’re amazing.”




“Our weekends are pretty much spent at the beach, markets, bunnings! Then we’ll have friends over for dinner parties or go to friends places.”




“Off the top of my head, i’ve styled for Oyster, Isla Collective, Monster Children, Lack of Colour, Life Without Andy, Onkler, Mink Pink and some great models + photographers i’ve worked with are Teresa Oman, Matilda Dods, Amanda Griffith, Mimi Lashiry, Sticks & Stones, Shenay Carey, Billie Edwards, Emma Bester, Georgia Frost, Samantha Robinson, Yani Botha, Gabrielle Sullivian, Byron Spencer, Gavriel Maynard, James Broadhurst, Dion Agius, Ali Mitton, Mel Tjoeng, Michela Omm. I can’t remember any more at this time of the day…”




“My favourite room in the house would have to be this one, our bedroom.”




“I want to teach Artie how important happiness is, in our household laughter and happiness are key. Being respectful is a huge thing too. I hope I can teach him to have a great sense of humour and not to take himself too seriously. Just to be himself no matter how kooky or silly he looks”




“i’m not really one for giving parenting advice but if I had to I would say it’s just one of those things that you have to learn for yourself. Every family works it out and gets into their own groove. Don’t get too stressed about all the baby websites and information you will get given, it can get so confusing. Just go with the flow and eventually it will all click into place. Oh, and get a good coffee machine.”




“My biggest challenge with juggling work and being a mum is probably just trying to fit everything in and making sure I have solid Artie time every single day.”




“As long as he is a priority in my schedule, everything works around that.”




“If the job requires that I am away for too many hours, I will just say no to the job. Family first, then work.”






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