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Can you tell us everything you think we need to know about the App?

The Clean & Green Kids App has 90+ simple and delicious homemade recipes that make eating fruits and vegetables fun. Within the app you will find a great selection of recipes suitable for children of all ages. From first pureed foods to hearty main meals and even sweet desserts. Our recipes are simple, delicious and of course fun! There is loads of great food inspiration for parents right at their fingertips. The app is super user friendly and offers some amazing features. Our favourite feature on the app is definitely personalised settings which allow users to filter recipes to suit specific dietary requirements. For parents of children with allergies, they are able to refine the recipes to suit their child’s needs i.e.: nut free, egg free, gluten free, dairy free, meat free and seafood free. Users are also able to save their favourite recipes for quick reference and use the On Hand feature which allows users to search recipes by typing in key ingredients that they already have in their fridge or pantry.



Are the recipes all original recipes and exclusive to the Clean & Green Kids App?

A lot of research went into creating our recipes, ensuring they were original and exciting for our users. We have tried to re-create family favourite recipes such as shepherds pie or treats like chocolate crackles using clean and organic ingredients.

Sometimes we draw inspiration from other recipes we see and we adapt them to make them our own and of course to make them the healthiest way possible. It took a little bit of trial and error to make the recipes perfect but we hope that the mums, dads and families enjoy them. Once we think we have perfected the recipes it’s off to our children, family and friends to do the real taste test. We have had a few fail this step so they were wiped haha. All of the recipes on the app have had the tick of approval from the most important judges… the kids!



What has the app creating process been like for both you and Renee?

The app process has been long and tiring although very rewarding. Together with our families, we have learnt so much throughout this process in regards to our health and nutrition. The idea of taking on a clean and green lifestyle once seemed really daunting to us, especially when it came to the children. We were both surprised how easy it is to make these simple lifestyle changes for yourself and families and the rewards that come from it. Having the Clean and Green Kids App available will hopefully ease this apprehension of parents wanting to take the step to providing a cleaner lifestyle for their children. They will realise straightway that the recipes are simple yet delicious and bound to go down well with the children.

Our children have been involved throughout the entire process and have loved every minute of being in the kitchen with us, creating and recreating and sometimes recreating again these recipes. We have loved exploring and trying loads of exciting foods and products that are new to our families. Having the whole family excited about our new project makes it even more rewarding to keep cooking new and yummy recipes which we will constantly be uploading to the app. It’s also such a great feeling seeing your children actually enjoy eating these healthy meals we are creating, along with their little friends.



What have been the biggest benefits to you and your families after moving into a more clean and green lifestyle?

Clean & Green Eating is a lifestyle where you are inspired to nourish your body with the healthiest foods – fresh or closest to its natural state with the least amount of processing. Organic meats, fish, fruit, vegetables, dairy, nuts and whole grains top the list. Less processing and buying local and in season supports a reduced carbon footprint and organic products equals less chemicals for you and the earth!

As mums to three energetic little boys we ourselves have noticed a huge improvement in our daily energy levels and generally feel happier and healthier. It’s also such a humble feeling knowing we are doing a great job feeding our children a healthy and stable diet. We believe that raising our children to eat a clean and green diet is one of the most important lessons a parent can teach and that this knowledge of health and nutrition will last them a lifetime.

We encourage getting the children involved in the cooking process as much as possible. No matter what age, there is always a way they can assist. Allow them to explore with new fruits and vegetables, get their hands messy and of course lick the bowl when you’re done! We believe that children are going to be more inclined to try new foods if they have been actively involved in the process of making it. Not to forget the lasting memories and bonds that are created in the kitchen and around food.



What’s your best advice for any new families intending to join the healthy food movement?

We hope to encourage you and your family to have new family favourite meals through our app – a real “food” lifestyle change. We hope that by providing your children with a Clean & Green Eating routine, that you will feel better about yourself, knowing that they are eating more healthily with less toxins in their little bodies. Buying our App is one of the first and easiest steps you can take.


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To Purchase the Clean & Green Kids App, jump over to the App Store and search for ‘Clean and Green Kids’. Or alternatively, head over to our Instagram account @elkemagazine and enter our giveaway comp where a lucky winner will take home the App for free as well as a Zucchini Spiralizer worth $36 from the Clean & Green e-shop! Goodluck healthy eaters x





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