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Not sure if you’re familiar yet with Tess of Minted Interiors but for those of you who aren’t, here’s your introduction! Tess is a mum of two girls, Lotte and Jemima, who cares for her kids by day and decorates kid’s interiors by night! Well…not totally. I think like the rest of us, it’s a bit of a juggling act; working while we can, in and amongst sleep times, free play, food prep and cleaning up the mess. But Tess seems to have it down pat, for the most part!

After catching up on the phone (since we’re on opposite sides of the country) I decided that Tess’s guest post should be more of a feature. So that’s what this is, a feature of her design work, styling choices & inspiration, and a brief reflection of motherhood and how she ties it all together.




“I usually create a design by starting with one feature item that has caught my eye. From there I bring in complimentary pieces making sure that I’m always striking a balance between form and function and most importantly considering my client’s ultimate vision.”




“As an interior designer in this day and age, I believe it’s important to keep up with the pace of the digital world.  Engaging with your audience and clients via a range of media platforms is critical and continuously building your industry acumen by keeping up to date with the latest design and style trends from across the world, on a day-to-day basis is hugely important.”





“My two daughters Lotte & Jemima continuously inspire me for children’s room designing. The way they play, interact, use toys, clothes and furniture, help me understand the world from a child’s perspective. Something that’s very important when designing kids rooms. ”





“I love crisp, clean design – with contemporary white colour ways as a base. Crisp white paint keeps a room fresh and modern, emphasises natural light and space and provides the perfect neutral canvas. Once a clean backdrop is established, I love to introduce colour and watch each item sing against the neutral base.”


“I also have a passion for the fusion of traditional and contemporary design and always try to achieve a good balance of both. Its not just about putting together pretty designs, it’s about truly capturing my client’s vision and understanding how they use the space. Function and form are my ultimate priorities.”


FLAMINGO“When it comes to product selection, it’s all about the blend of great design – great aesthetics, quality, affordability and function.It has to have a combination of all four, for me to consider it for a space. Even a piece of artwork has a function in the way it makes you feel and something as functional as a sink must also be considered from an aesthetic perspective, in relation to how it works in with the overall design. Good interior design is in the detail, so every piece is an important choice and it’s all about striking the right balance in a space. ”





“There’s so many incredible products on the market at the moment, as well as plenty of new up-and-coming home wares designers continuously emerging. The challenge is usually how to narrow down the choice and deliver a clear vision for my client.”

“With the introduction of e-design interior design and styling services have never been more affordable or accessible to even the most remote and cost conscious client. Plenty of design savvy parents are now taking the opportunity to get professional advice to create some amazing spaces for their little ones..”




This design (above) was created as a giveaway for a competition where the winner’s prize was their own, customised design board. Hayley and Matthew from Hails & Shine Photography won the prize and had a design board done up for their son, Ryshi’s bedroom. The pair (Hayley and Matthew) photographed the end result so below are the images of this design board when it came to life…


IMG_7205 IMG_8836 IMG_8850 IMG_7296(1)


At the end of my phone conversation with Tess, I asked her a bit about how she balanced her interior decorating with her mumma duties because her youngest daughter is at home with her full time and her older daughter is with her most of the time as well. Here are some snippets of what she shared with me…

white space


white space

“Striking the right balance between driving my business and being a Mum, is by far my greatest daily challenge. As a mum, you have to consider your children in every single decision you make and that often brings a lot of worry and sometimes guilt along with it.  I think it’s just important to stay true to yourself and know what makes you happy. After all, your children’s happiness can often be a reflection of your own.”

white space



“I see the success of my business and the flexibility it can bring, as something that can ultimately provide a lot of benefits to our girls day-to-day lives, which is one my key motivating factors. They certainly keep me grounded and focused. My business also gives me a creative and social outlet, which makes me a happier person and a happier Mum, so as long as there’s balance it really is win, win. Having a supportive husband also really helps!”




“Multi tasking is a critical skill, which thankfully us Mum’s can be pretty good at! You’ll often find me stirring a pot on the stove while answering emails, or designing room concepts with a baby on my lap! As much as multi tasking is important I’m also a huge believer in dedicated work-free time where I can spend time with the girls without any work interruptions, so I always make sure I plan plenty into my schedule.”




“This usually means I work well into the nights but I’m passionate about design, so it really isn’t a chore for me. Having said that, it can become an exhausting routine when Jemima is waking through the night, which seems to be a regular occurrence lately!”




“Balance is something I’m always working on and I don’t always get it right but for the most part I feel satisfied that I’m getting it ‘kind of’ right!”





 GUEST POST | Tess of Minted Interiors
PHOTOGRAPHY CREDITS | Tess, Hails + Shine & Carrie Young 
INTERVIEW | Sophie Gidoomal

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