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If you haven’t yet seen the blog, Penelope Home, you probably should.  It’s filled with all things wonderful, original and fresh faced.  If I was to describe the blog in one word, it would be ‘crisp’, or ‘modern’, or maybe i’ll take 3 words and call it crisp and modern, which is exactly what it is.  Penelope Home is a blog created by Marcela Recondo, an Argentinian mother living in Norway with her husband and children.  She focusses on Scandinavian design and simplicity, always managing to hit the nail on the head in terms of style and all things stylish for homes and interiors.  Through her blog she shares with the world her interests and ideas relating specifically to interior design and home decor.  In one of her posts, she shared photographs of the bedroom she had decorated for the baby she was expecting, it is exceptional.  Scroll down for a squiz…


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Incredible right? To read how Marcela managed to put this beauty together jump over to her blog here.  If you scroll down to the bottom of the link, you’ll also find out where you can purchase majority of the products featured.  Save at least some of your dollars!



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