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Getting the balance right for any room design is important especially when you are trying to achieve a balance between a cool trend and a sweet toddler. The design brief for this tiny room was to make an easy transition from cot to big boy bed while maximizing the small space to allow play and include the moon and stars –of which are the toddler’s favourite things.

Mum loves monochrome and has always wanted it for her son’s room though she was worried it may be a bit too grown up for her 2 year old son. Ensuring the room felt more grown up for this important milestone was the basis of this room design and I also felt that it was important to have a warm, friendly nature to the room also. I suggested the addition of happy teddy bears to the room to give the room a more childlike appeal without being too kiddified.  The design was based around the gorgeous Seventy Tree prints, the sweet Made of Sundays door friend and the cool Roxy Marj bear blanket so from there the design grew. The bears are positioned in a way that when her son is lying in bed he can see the smiling faces of his new teddy bear friends. I also included clouds to again help soften the room and the addition of the perfect clouds linen by Henry & Co as well as the cloud bookshelf by Willow & Wood made the room complete.

The beauty of this design is that the room still has the monochrome edge Mum wanted and more importantly the room is so easily and inexpensively updated as he grows up. She can add in a few new things to give the room a more grown up edginess that she adores. The artwork can simply be changed to older more appropriate prints and the decals removed or changed meaning the room design has been future proofed which equals a lot less spending for Mum in the long run.

The choice of furniture was important as the room is tiny and also we wanted the furniture to serve its purpose for years to come. Luckily for Mum there is a built in robe with ample storage and once we removed the change table and toddler cot and chair that cramped the tiny room I knew it was important to choose furniture that was streamlined, multipurpose and has a minimal footprint.

The choice of the Plyroom Singelo bedframe fit this bill perfectly. It is beautifully streamlined and doesn’t overbear the room. It is a perfect height and we bought the matching safety rail for the initial transitioning period. The bed will see this toddler through well into his teenage years so it was a great choice.

The bedside table has plenty of storage making it multipurpose and the string shelves allow for a collection of favorite things without taking up valuable floor space and is narrow enough not to over crowd the room. The small chair is perfect for reading in sat next to the gorgeous Willow and Wood cloud book shelf which again ties in the addition of clouds into the theme. The crochet basket holds all of his teddy bears and the Lego blocks hide away lots of toys and bits and pieces keeping the room clutter free which is hugely important in a small room.

Overall the room design is appealing to both parents and children. It was a cost effective design that will grow with the child, doesn’t require a lot to update it and includes furniture pieces that will be used for years to come. The room got a big thumbs up from the client and her son who loves it and that is what is all about.


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