MUSLIN WRAPS | 10 creative tips on how to recycle them

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MINI HANKIES | Cut them into squares and use them as hankies for when the little ones are under the weather! Great way of saving tissue wastage.

BUNTING FLAGS | Cut them into triangles and make bunting flags out of them.  Great way to decorate a kids room!

THROW FOR THE HOME | Use them as a throw to drape over chairs, outdoor or indoor couches, small kiddie tables etc.

SHADE CLOTH | Keep them under the pram to use as shading during strolls on a sunny day.

LAVENDER BAG | Cut the wraps into medium sized squares and pour lavender into the middle of them.  Wrap them up and tie the tops together with string or ribbon.  These are then great little objects to keep in children’s bedrooms as lavender is supposed to have a calming effect, relaxing them for sleep time.

PICNIC BLANKET |Sew all of your favourites together and make a big soft blanket for park dates and picnics.

SUPERHERO CAPE | Use them as superhero capes (for all of the family, yes that includes you Mumma!) for when the kids decide to play dress ups!

TIE DYE | Tie Dye them! Use coloured dyes to turn them into mandalas and try out different patterns, before sewing them together and draping them over couches, walls or doors! Super fun & very bohemian, right?

SCARVES | Sew them together, dye them, or don’t? Connect beads to the bottom, or fringing and use them as scarves. Fun addition to your winter outfits!

SUMMER SHEET | Sew them all together (as they are) and turn them into light summer sheets for either the older kids or yourself.  Summer nights can be hot but there’s nothing better than still being wrapped up in beautiful, organic, bamboo muslin.




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