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Since it’s school holidays, have any of you had a pizza party request? What a FUN addition this would be, although it might be wise to refrain from filling it with lollies, chocolates or any form of refined sugar (unless of course, you’re a glutton  for punishment, then go right ahead!).  If it were me, i’d be sticking with gadgets or glow sticks, but I guess it depends how many hyped up kids you’re able to handle! In any case, this should keep them amused for atleast a portion of the evening…Happy crafting!




The only materials you will need are:

3-4 large pieces of plain cardstock
1 packet orange crepe paper
1 packet yellow crepe paper
coloured card for pizza toppings (we used red, green, light green and gold)
double-sided tape
sticky tape
string for hanging




For full instructions pop over to the Frankie Magazine web page here and you’ll find this sweet tutorial by Kitiya Palaskas.



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