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After hearing of the tragic death of 3-year-old Ryan Saldana, who was killed on May 2 after colliding with a truck outside a family members home, we’ve decided to join in the rally and support his grieving family as best we can.

On May 5th, blogger Alissa Circle (a family friend of the Saldana’s) wrote a heartbreaking post about what happened to Ryan and finished it up by asking her readers to do what she knew her friends Jacqui and Dan (Ryan’s parents) really needed, “They need us to rally. They need us to pray, to share, to love, to remember … Ryan,”.  She called upon the “mummy” community and anybody else who connected with Ryan’s story to share images and text on their social media outlets, hashtagging #RedBalloonsForRyan in the hope of keeping the memory of this beautiful red headed boy alive. Exactly 1 week later, that very hashtag has 38,876 photos containing images of and references to that darling boy who will now, never be forgotten.

In the fight to offer Ryan’s parents the financial freedom to truly grieve the loss of their son, we have set up an Etsy shop with a custom designed, “Shine Your Light” wall print and all profits will go straight to the Saldana family.




If you’d like to simply donate to the family, Thrive Mums have set up a link to do so on the left hand side of their blog. If you’d like to read more about what happened to Ryan, here’s a link to a newspaper article revealing more details about the incident.


ETSY SHOP | Shine Your Light print

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