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There’s cute and then there’s almost too cute. Roxy Marj tips into the latter.  With her sweet, simple style combined with the quirkiness that moves her away from the mainstream market, she’s stocks exactly the sorts of things we lust over.  Roxy Marj is a graduate of Parsons School of Design in New York City and brings to her work everything you would expect from a highly successful design graduate, and some.  Unfortunately for us, all of her best things seem to be snapped up extremely quickly as she has a hefty following and people in awe of her work as much as we are.  From her modest little Etsy shop, she manages to upload and sell a great deal of her things in a matter of minutes.  But, in saying this, if you get in quick or write to her with your requests, you’ll somehow be able to secure the goods, I’m sure. Our absolute favourite pieces of Roxy Marj, would have to be her cute as pie prints and stuffed, decorative cushions.  We’re obviously also obsessed with her bedding, in particular her famous bear blanket, but they’re pretty hard to pin down! If you want to open your mind to a girl with top notch, child tailored designs, head over to the Roxy Marj site here and have a good look around! It will be well worth your time, I promise..


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