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A sound storage system is a must in any household that involves children. Amongst the mayhem, there must be a simple, user friendly storageset of compartments in which you can place all your stuff. In most homes (particularly ones with small kids) there seems to be an abundance of things that can very quickly lead to clutter. Nobody likes a cluttered household which is why simple storage solutions are always the way up.  There’s no need to spend copious amounts of money on top of the range storage systems that have very little character and are highly likely to show up in next years garage sale.  Instead, why don’t you scour around your home looking for recyclable goodies that you can turn into toy storage? Or have a gander through Dad’s shed and see what you can pick up? I guarantee you, with simple, cost effective ideas, you can create quirky storage systems that are sure to keep your house in order. Swing across here to the Decoist design site or here to Lovenordic blog for more image inspiration.

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