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Since it’s pretty much impossible to find good looking kids sunnies, we figured it was in our best interest to feature some.  It really doesn’t get much better than Son’s & Daughters, let me tell you…




0X5A9306_0001_SDE_2014_Sun_XO_PinkGlitter-F 0X5A9306_0003_SDE_2014_Sun_Rocky_PowderBlue-F 0X5A9306_0009_SDE_2014_Sun_Honey_PinkGlitter-F 0X5A9306_0011_SDE_2014_Sun_Happy_Gold_Amber-F 0X5A9306_0015_SDE_2014_Sun_Clark_CityCamo_F 0X5A9306_0021_SDE_2014_Optical_Harry_Tiramisu_F hunter_fronts spiff_front



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