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Angela and I had a conversation a few weeks before I decided to feature her on Elke.  The conversation wasn’t about anything significant, it was just about the way we feel about life, where our heads are at, the methods we use to cope of a day and how good it is to be parents! I came away from the conversation feeling inspired.  I hadn’t gained what I did from Angela’s words from anyone in quite a while and I thought it’d almost be a crime to not share with you her beautiful mindset, honest words, positive attitude and genuine heart.

Angela doesn’t do anything in particular that makes her an obvious choice to interview, she is just herself and by being herself, she inspires.  I thought that was a good enough reason to go forward with the interview and give her the chance to reflect and respond to questions I felt she would answer with the same passion she does in her every day conversation. Recently she has begun her own little project named, ‘The Gratitude Project’ which runs through facebook & instagram.  It’s a humble project that she started with no intention to gain (financially) and began purely to share what she knows as a way to  motivate, inspire and encourage people to be grateful. Now i’ll let her reflect and impact you in the same way she did me with her beautiful words..

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Q&A with Angela Simson

Q: Tell me how you start your day?

A: Big stretch and big glass of water.  It all depends on if Bo is awake and ready to get up or having a sleep in.  If she’s up, we have a cuddle and I start her day by showing her the sky and we have a play.  If she’s having a sleep in, I do some sort of stretching, usually Somatics or Callanetics.  We head downstairs and I get breakfast ready for when Hugh gets home from training.  Then we take turns getting ready while the other has Bo time!

Q: Where’s your head at the moment, how are you feeling about life and what’s in front of you right now?

A: I’ve always been really positive about life and a big believer in you’re always where you should be for that moment.  Even in the past when I knew I wasn’t doing what I was meant to, I understood everything is a journey and you have the potential to grow and learn at all stages.  Right now, it’s like my whole world has come together in the best possible way.  My head is about my family and doing what I can to make our life great.  In front of me is completely unknown and I’m excited about learning along the way.

Q: Tell me what has kept you so positive since having your baby girl?

A: I just know how lucky we are.  Firstly to have fallen pregnant easily and had a great pregnancy but also to have this amazing healthy little girl with such an beautiful nature.  Some people have it so tough and I am incredibly grateful that we’ve been so blessed.  You never know what life will throw at you next so if I ever have a bad day, I just step out of the moment and remember how good my life is and that I really have no reason to complain.

Q: I want to understand what a day in the life of you is like.  Run me through an average day of yours and be sure to highlight anything that has become a ritual?

A: Rituals to me are mostly in the morning and at night.  Morning is as above, then once Hugh has gone to work, if I haven’t got anything on I’ll take Bo for a long walk.  We either go with a friend, or my mum, or just us.  Then we catch up with friends, run errands, sometimes go and see Hugh at work for lunch and then I usually try to block out the afternoon for home time so Bo can nap and I can do some work, clean, get dinner ready and bake something if I’m lucky.

Night time is the best.  Hugh gets home and my favorite part of the day is seeing Bo light up as soon as she hears his voice.  She’s so young but it’s like from a few weeks old, the mood would change when he would walk through the door.  I love watching them play on the floor and I know even if he’s had a hard day at work she makes it all go away and he’s the happiest person in the universe.  They just love each other so much and I’m so grateful I get to be apart of it.  Then he does bathtime, gets her ready for bed and reads her a book while I cook dinner.  Then after 7pm it’s just Hugh and I and we get to be sane adults again for a couple of hours before bed.

Q: What are the things in your life that keep you sane?

A: Hugh and Mum.  And organization.  Being organized keeps me sane!

Q: What has been the most valuable lesson in your life so far?

A: Be nice to people.  You never know the entirety of what’s happening in someone else’s life so don’t judge when they don’t act how you think they should.  I forget this sometimes and my inner mean girl comes out to play.  Just be kind because everyone fighting their own battles you know nothing about.

Q: If you could take back one thing that’s happened in your life so far and add another, what would they be?

A: Nothing at all!  I wouldn’t be me and life wouldn’t be the same if I had lost an experience and gained something else.  I’ll learn what I need to know when I need it and I’m ok with that.

Q: What are the most important things (in your opinion) to do as a way of keeping healthy?

A: Be active.  I don’t run or do any type of hardcore exercise but I make sure I move and stretch every day because that’s what works for me right now.

Find natural alternatives as often as possible.  I used to be addicted to Dairy Milks and now I make my own raw chocolate and the thought of a chocolate bar is rare. I’ve adjusted my taste buds to love more natural sweet treats.

Lose the guilt.  I think guilt is toxic in the body and if you’ve had a bad day and want to eat an entire chocolate cake, and do, don’t feel bad.  Just accept it happened and get back on track.  If it’s happening a few times a week though, maybe worth looking into your triggers and working out what needs to change.

Q: You always look so naturally beautiful, what do you do to take care of your physical appearance?

A: Drink lots of water, use natural plant based skin care products and practice self love.

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Q: What encouraged you to start the Gratitude Project?

A: Boredom?   I wanted something to do and I couldn’t think of anything I’m that good at.  But I’m really good at being happy and I feel I’ve got a lot to say and share with others.

Q: The gratitude project, what is it?

The Gratitude Project is both a Facebook page and Instagram account set up to inspire people to be grateful for what they’ve got, look after themselves physically and mentally and be happy, basically.  I post regularly with inspirational quotes (my Instagram account is full of them!) and my Facebook page is used more to inspire through my own words, quotes, recipes, sharing of virtual content etc. Copied directly from The Gratitude Project’s facebook page, here is the description..

“A place to share happiness, love and gratitude with others.. Our aim is to make the world a happier place!

You’ll find your daily dose of happiness, some health and natural beauty tips and the encouragement to lead a life you love. There is so much beauty in the world, time to appreciate it!

Leave a comment below and tell us someone or something you’re grateful for, share it with the world x”

Click on the header below to jump onto The Gratitude Project’s facebook page..

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3 favourite sayings:

quotes compiled screen shot

3 favourite recipe’s:

1.  Raw choc goji brownies


• 1 cup walnuts

• 1 cup almonds

• 2 tbs raw cacao

• 8-10 dates (pitted)

• 2 tbs coconut oil

• Handful of gojis


• Coconut chocolate butter (by Loving Earth)

• Bee pollen

• Chia seeds

• Desiccated coconut

• Cacao nibs

Blend nuts and raw cacao in a food processor or blender. Add pitted dates and coconut oil then process until the mix clumps together. Stir in the gojis. Press into a baking tray and lather on Loving Earth coconut chocolate butter.. YUM! Then top with whatever delicious superfoods you want. I did half with cacao nibs and the other half I sprinkled with a mixture of chia seeds, bee pollen and dedicated coconut..

2. This red lentil soup recipe from Milk & Mode which you’ll find here.

3. This chocolate mousse cake here is the best (and worst) thing I could possibly make.  It’s so rich and addictive, the first thing I baked when I came home from hospital!

3 things you’re most grateful for:

1. Family. Not just my little team at home but my mum, dad, step dad and brothers and sisters.. And the friends who aren’t tied by blood but I consider my family anyway.

2. Our health. It’s impossible to assume we’ll always be in good health but I’m grateful that we are in this moment. I’m grateful for the ability to taste, see, smell, hear, say and feel and make the most of it all every day.

3. Where we live. It’s easy to fantasize about living in a shack on a secluded beach or moving to a quaint European town, but we have it really good here. We aren’t ruled by a ‘supreme leader’, we have a lot of freedom and I personally feel very safe. The NSW bush fires have shown us again that Australians are good people, caring and ready to help when needed. Add in amazing weather, why leave?

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