THE MONSTER & THE DINOSAUR | Stories for kids by kids

stories for kids by kids

As part of a new and exciting project the Elke team are working on, we will be featuring a story each issue written by kids for kids.  It’s a way to encourage the creativity of children, as well as sharing those creative bursts with others who are able to connect with the same simplicity from a similar level. We will be featuring the work of children all across Australia, of different ages and backgrounds, each with their own stories to tell from their own, individual place of reference.  Have fun with these sweet stories and don’t be scared to share them with your little ones, that’s what they’re here for!




One day there was a Monster in a tree, he was taking a photo of a Dinosaur. The dinosaur was a Diplodocus, the Diplodocus crashed into the tree and the Monster fell out. The End – Ollie (age 2)


dinosaur & monster

Artist | Jessica Welsh

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