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Have you been told about Tsuno yet? If not, we really want to introduce you.  Tsuno is a product conceptualised by Roslyn Campbell, an industrial designer with a massive heart.  Roslyn has come up with a brand of sustainable sanitary pads with the idea that when they are sold, 50 % of all profits will go directly to charity (International Women’s Development Agency).

After watching a talk by One Girl’s, Chantelle Baxter about women in third world countries and the small battle they fight each month when their menstrual period arrives, Roslyn was inspired to do something about it and attempt to make a change.

She had learned that so many women in the world are completely deprived of sanitary products during the time of their period and wind up using rags, newspaper, leaves and even bark as a way of managing it.  Many young girls also hold themselves back from school for this very reason and end up behind and lacking a complete education as a result.

Once Roslyn became aware of this information she thought up the concept of Tsuno, a sustainable sanitary pad which is as affordable as  other brands of pads on the market.  Tsuno has now been in “pre-production” for 12 months as research, designs, business plans etc. have all been underway.  The design is finally complete and ready to be produced!

But not without our help..In order for Roslyn to get this product produced she needs to raise a total sum of $40,000, and is currently half way there! Ros has noted in great detail where each dollar will go and can be viewed on her POZIBLE profile here. To help this amazing cause and get these Tsuno sanitary pads on the shelves please follow the links to  pledge now!



Overnight, regular and panty liner.

Just to top it all off, each pad is made out of sustainable bamboo and corn fibre,  individually wrapped in biodegradable plastic sleeves, and finally packaged in recyclable cardboard boxes.

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TSUNO PADS | Pozible Profile

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