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Elke got lucky enough to score the dibs on Vege Thread’s first ever feature of their latest look book. It just so happens that this one’s all about kids.  Vege Threads have made a turn for the best and moved into kids wear, naming it ‘Vege Kids’.  We’re excited, have a browse through their range and let us know what you think?

Vege threads 3 vege threads 9vege threads 4vege threads 5vege threads 6vege threads 8vege threads 7Fashion designer Amy Roberts talks kid’s fashion, natural dyes, organic fabrics and how her busy hands put all these things together for her label, Vege Threads.  Mums with a green mind and conscious views about a clean environment will go wild over what Amy’s got to offer.  She’s a good egg this girl and making some positive steps for the future.

What was it that made you decide to create kids clothes along with adults?

I decided to expand into kid’s wear after I began receiving constant enquiries from customers asking whether or not Vege Threads offered children’s wear. The benefit of organic fibres and using natural dyes applies to everyone, but I feel as though parents are definitely more aware and conscious of what they are putting on their kids. A lot of skin issues begin at a young age, so having something that is chemical free and 100% natural is a great option for babies and kids.

What inspired your first collection?

My first collection is an offshoot from the Vege Threads adults range. I decided to keep all the shapes simple and wearable for varied age groups. The first collection features the iconic colours from the VT range, along with the natural tie dye which I think works really well for kids! It creates a gateway to be more creative with future ranges and experimenting with different natural dyes.

Did you find it more difficult, easier or just different to put together a children’s collection?

I think designing the kids wear was easier. As I said I based it on my original VT designs and adapted them to suit children. As soon as you make a miniature version of a style, it’s suddenly very cute.

What made you decide that the designs you chose would be sought after by parents?

I think keeping things simple is always safe. A lot of children’s wear is really busy, and although that suits a lot of markets, I personally, and a lot of customers of mine are looking more and more for something simple, classic and comfortable.

What has Vege Threads got to offer parents that other brands don’t?

I think the fibres and dyes Vege Threads use will appeal to parents. The health and environmental benefits are being understood more these days. Vege Threads is merely offering an alternative to parents who seek basic kids wear that’s eco-friendly. Not only that, they are very soft on the skin!

Have you got any exciting goals or plans for the future of the Vege Threads kids range?

For the future of Vege Kids I want to expand the range and get brighter and more exclusive prints involved!  In doing so, I’m still going to try to keep it all as natural and transparent as possible.

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You know what the best bit about this brand is? 1 % of all sale profits go straight to this organisation: Peduli Sesama Philanthropic Work FoundationSo jump over here not only to get some cute threads, but also to offer the underprivileged people of Indonesia your support.

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