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Is there a mother in the world who doesn’t want just one perfect shot of their offspring? We’ve all got smart phones cluttered with images of our children running so fast we see nothing but a blur, and plenty of toothy grins we were able to snap as they screeched “cheeese!” but who ever manages a framer? Wouldn’t you trade dozens of those every day images for just one dreamy, awe inspiring photograph of you and your children looking somewhat normal?

willow- durbidge family

Kim Handley is one of those super photographers who manages it every time. With a vintage, slightly dream state feel, she is somehow able to create those family photos we all lust over. You know those images you see of other families, that leave you wishing it could be yours whilst knowing it never could be? It actually can, since Kim’s got it down to a fine art, with a client base that has pretty much quadrupled over the last few years, she really knows how to, “get the shot”. She’s one of those photographers who can turn a rather ordinary scene into something spectacular. With a few simple props, the right light, her way with children and an artistic editing technique, Kim comes up with something wonderful almost all of the time. These are just a few of Kim’s treasures but for a more extensive view of her work click here and follow the links for contact info & bookings.

willow - twins

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